Just like Back Yard Monsters

We are so proud to be just like back yard monsters and fuck you the people over. Yes just when you began to feel comfortable with your game toy Attack we are now going to fuck you for your money and your fun. We the developers got rich and don't care about the little people any more .We are going to the beach and laugh our assess off on your dime thanks for wasting your time with us.So Alliances like Toycrusher and Toy Slayer we are so sorry to of pissed you off we know we are big jerks and we don't care. We have learned a lot from Back Yard monsters even how to fuck you over. We are such dip shits and we don't care.

==Yes we are a straight out copy of Backyard Monsters. Sniper Tower=Turret Cannon Tower=Cannon Turret Fanstic=Pokey Shielder=Octa Ooze Buggy=Bolt Cyclops=Fink Bomber=Ey-ra Heavy Harm=Ichy Iron Toy=Bandito Green Giant=Fang Spider=Brain Devil=Crabaton Hunter=Project-X Dance Flick=Zafreeti Air Force=Teratorn Titan=Gorgo Paladin=Drull Bee=Fomor(Yes it also buffs and flys just like fomor, and yes 1 super offensive 1 super defensive 1 supportive just like Backyard Monsters) also 4 resource collectors, bunkers, Railgun also Thrower=Catapult Battlefield=Map Room don't worry we also have the exact same laser with low range hight attack and also we have tesla=Eletricity tower as well as anti air and much more copied but i would take all day to spell them all.==

How to remove buildings in Toy Attack on FacebookEdit

gkghhhlh Currently in Toy Attack, there is no way you can remove/recycle a building for some resources. That might change in the future.

Latest activityEdit

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