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==Yes we are a straight out copy of Backyard Monsters. Sniper Tower=Turret Cannon Tower=Cannon Turret Fanstic=Pokey Shielder=Octa Ooze Buggy=Bolt Cyclops=Fink Bomber=Ey-ra Heavy Harm=Ichy Iron Toy=Bandito Green Giant=Fang Spider=Brain Devil=Crabaton Hunter=Project-X Dance Flick=Zafreeti Air Force=Teratorn Titan=Gorgo Paladin=Drull Bee=Fomor(Yes it also buffs and flys just like fomor, and yes 1 super offensive 1 super defensive 1 supportive just like Backyard Monsters) also 4 resource collectors, bunkers, Railgun also Thrower=Catapult Battlefield=Map Room don't worry we also have the exact same laser with low range hight attack and also we have tesla=Eletricity tower as well as anti air and much more copied but i would take all day to spell them all.==

How to remove buildings in Toy Attack on FacebookEdit

Currently in Toy Attack, there is no way you can remove/recycle a building for some resources. That might change in the future.

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